We came from the San Francisco Bay Area, looking for a property to buy in Ramona, CA, not knowing much about the area. Our initial budget was in the $250K to $350K, and Chris Anderson was very helpful at finding properties that would match with our liking. As we moved along visiting houses in the San Diego Country Estates (SDCE), we came to the conclusion that our budget was too low and that the houses in the price range were in poor condition. Chris suggested that, if possible, we should increase our target budget, which we did. Chris pointed us out then to a beautiful property, and did an outstanding job at negotiating the price. We got the house for 10% less than the asking price, while avoiding a short sale. Chris did also a very good job at communicating with the owner who was especially rude: he didn’t even talk to us at all, and never explained anything about operating the heating, air conditioning, irrigation system or pool. But Chris was always here to help.

Zillow Review: February 2011 – herveauchroy